Power Transmission

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Use Infrastructure Upgrade's ® mobile applications to post site specific problems.

Take photographs. Identify mechanical issues on any tower. Track work being completed construction sites. Identify the location of structurally deficient gas lines before they become an issue.

Specific Upgrades

Recommend new addtions and retrofits.

Design specific architectural improvements for improved utility transmission design.

Pinpoint Structural Problems

Examine identified issues on your utility. Track problems on your team's jobsite.

infrastructure, infrastructure upgrade and utility improvements

Distributed Energy Systems

Track pain points in engineering design and usability. Streamline the processes of construction crews.

infrastructure, infrastructure upgrade and sustainable utilities

Integrate Sustainable Design

Use Upgrade It!® to develop the renewable integrated transmission systems of the future. Integrate solar and wind onto your grid.

infrastructure, infrastructure upgrade and grid connectivity

Repair Logs

Infrastructure Upgrade's ® Mobile applications develop cost-effective maintenance plans.