Consumer 1.1

infrastructure, infrastructure upgrade and Upgrade It!

Now you can have a direct impact on clients and users - improving their operational efficiency.


Directly impact your stakeholders. Design the future™.


Geo-located color-coded ranking of your recommended infrastructure improvements. Re-rank existing projects (map pins) created by previous users to construct aggregated statistical data of community preferences (areas in greatest need of improvement).

infrastructure, infrastructure upgrade and Upgrade It!


Consumer Platform and Upgrade It! ®

upgrade it! and advertising


Upgrade It!® provides support for multiple users.

upgrade it! and databases


Upgrade It!® is tied to an extensive collection of databases. This allows input on specific assets: San Francisco International (SFO) airport, Port of Oakland, etc. It also allows you to create your own category.

upgrade it! screenshot


Users can rank their recommendations, utilizing color coded voting. Infrastructure Upgrade ® provides efficiency for your operations Infrastructure Upgrade ® aggregates the data. It is sent to clients and other stakeholders (as requested). Infrastructure Upgrade ® works with banks, insurance companies and engineering firms. Upgrade It! ® allows users to comment on projects that are outside of their geographic area.