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Designed for a range of IT Professionals.
IUI has developed state of the art the project management tools.

IUI Enterprise

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Extensive Experience with Government & Private Sector

Platform for real-time on-site analysis.

IUI Mobile

Consumer and Enterprise Applications

IUI's mobile solutions provide dynamic project management solutions for businesses and consumers.

Provide Robust Databases and Analytics.

IUI's mobile applications are tied to an extensive collection of databases. IUI's online platform and dashboard provide extensive real time project analytics.

Extensive Cloud Based Hosting and Support.

IUI's mobile applications are powered by industry leading hosting.

IUI Utilizes Comprehensive Servers

IUI's mobile applications are tied to an online platform and dashboard.

Pricing Plans

Contact IUI for plans and pricing to meet your small, medium or enterprise business requirements.

Extensive support

IUI provides extensive support for its entire suite of project management tools.

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